"Closer to People...Closer to God"
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FirstSERVE – Connecting Through Service…

Welcome to our Center of Hope Ministry Directory.

We are so glad you are willing to connect through serving. We believe that your skills and talents are a gift from God and we invite you to volunteer in one of our ministries. If you have any questions regarding any of our ministries, or how you can volunteer, please contact the business office at 323-757-1804.

Thank you for visiting FirstSERVE.

Away at College/Military – The Away at College/Military Ministry vision is to embrace and communicate with young people who are in the military and who are away at college.

Call Center Ministry – This ministry facilitates the immediate prayer requests of those calling the prayer-line through targeted prayer is the Call Center’s main purpose. The Call Center’s objective is to provide effective prayer that is scripture based, spirit-led, and focused on the caller’s identified request. There is power in prayer and in the knowledge of God’s word which contains his promises.

Congregation Connection – The goal of this ministry is to encourage all members and guests by making telephone calls or written contact. Congregation Connection is devoted to oversee care, support and fellowship of the congregation, and to reach out and connect with church members and attenders who have been absent from services for a period of time.

Crosswalk Youth Ministry – Crosswalk Youth Ministry was designed to establish a culture of “Hope” catered to the youth where they will boldly discover the truths of God and His word through sermons, bible studies, and interactive monthly events. The purpose is to create a platform where the youth voices can be heard, so that they may learn the tools needed to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to their lives. We invite volunteers with a passion for youth and the ability to bring out the passion in them.

Dance Ministry – The Center of Hope Dance Ministry is composed of various worship styles and forms. It is our desire to see the hearts of people blessed and we encourage you to come along on the journey with us.

Drama Arts Ministry – Do you love to act? Got that acting itch? Are you expressive, outgoing, creative, compassionate, and dependable? Then Center of Hope WANTS YOU! An actor’s performance is enhanced by an ability to put imagination, emotional honesty and empathy at the service of a creative process; vocal training for greater power, expressiveness, and clarity; physical training general fitness, flexibility, and grace; and a ready understanding of and love for language.

Family Resource Connections – Family Resource Connections (FRC) serves as a Center of Hope liaison, connecting families in crisis through referrals to agencies providing services in which families have need. FRC conducts an intake assessment to prioritize a family’s needs and refers the family to an agency that provides needed services. The ministry follows up to ensure families have successfully accessed services and the family’s needs are met. The volunteers assists families with temporary housing, affordable child care, food, clothing, school reentry for career change, and utilities payments.

Fellowship of Deacons – The Deacons of Center of Hope are dedicated to the ministry and to the Pastor of Center of Hope. They are bound to a promise to love our church and the people that God has put into the body of Christ. Responsibilities of the Fellowship of Deacons are to: prepare and serve communion on the 1st Sunday of each month; assist with Prayer at the Altar or whenever needed; prepare and assist ministers with Baptism on the 5th Sunday of the month; prepare for Foot Washing Service; visit the sick and shut-in and give communion when requested.

FirstSERVE Volunteer Ministry – Your creativity, ideas, event planning skills, training and development techniques will become as a shining star as you acknowledge, appreciate, create gratitude, recognize, train, develop, and improve the life of someone else. In support of the vision and mission of Center of Hope, Ambassadors of FirstSERVE Volunteer Ministry recruit volunteers, provide training and development to support volunteers, and recognize volunteers throughout the year. FirstSERVE establishes and maintains an archive of volunteers to enable ministries and departments to complement their team, and to assist in the common purpose of accomplishing the goals and objectives of our Senior Pastor.

Greeters Ministry – Greeters are responsible for ensuring that everyone who enters our facilities are welcomed and greeted with a “Hello” and a BIG smile! Greeters distribute information to those arriving for worship as well as facilitate crowd control at specific events. If you have a passion for people, service, and making people feel welcome — THIS MINISTRY IS FOR YOU!

Hope Scholastic Network – The Hope Scholastic Network is designed to serve as an advocate for our young people, a bridge to academic excellence, provide college preparatory opportunities, an extensive mentoring program, and grant Scholarship awards for those who exemplify a strong potential for academic achievement in higher education. The HSN team mentors students, encourage them to be forward thinkers, introduce to the job market, and encourage students to reach their full potential. The diversity of activities will be grade appropriate by graduation. HSN’s primary goal is to educate in order to empower our youth to make quality life choices, develop decision making skills and develop healthy, positive educational life goals.

Just Older Youths (JOY) – Our senior ministry, known as JOY (Just Older Youth), is open to all seniors ages 55 and older. Seniors visit the sick and shut in and go on outings. JOY members come together to fellowship, socialize, and enjoy a sit-down lunch together. Senior information and services are presented and discussed.

Kidz Kingdom – Kidz Kingdom is the children’s ministry serving preschool and elementary aged children. Activities are age-appropriate with flexibility for the normal needs of this age group. Our goal is for kids to see how God’s word fits into their lives, to learn how talk to Him, and to build friendships that will last. Preschool serves children from 2 years through Pre-K. Volunteers work together in their unique roles to create a loving environment for our preschoolers to get a first impression of their heavenly Father. We want our preschoolers to know that: God loves them; God made them, and; Jesus wants to be their friend forever. Elementary serves children from grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. Volunteers work together in their unique roles to create a fun environment for elementary kids to learn who God is and how He wants them to live. Before kids head off to middle school, we want to make sure these three things stick: To make wise choices, to trust God no matter what, and to treat others the way I want to be treated.

Latino Ministry“…..HE has broken down the middle WALL of separation” (Ephesians 2:14). The language is a middle wall that separates one nation from another. Center of Hope created the Latino Ministry with the purpose to break down the language barrier and fulfill “The Great Commission” given by Jesus in Mathew: 28.19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all Nations.”

Life Groups – Life Groups are a small group of adults who meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth, accountability, and healthy relationships. Men’s Groups are made up of a mix of men at different stages of life. Women’s Groups are made up of a mix of women at different stages of life. Married Groups include couples in the same stage of life. Facilitators are volunteer leaders responsible for monitoring the spiritual growth of everyone in a Life Group and making sure the environment as a whole supports connection and growth.

Martial Arts Fitness and Nutrition – This ministry helps people of all ages to develop mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually through the discipline or martial arts fitness and nutrition.

Media Ministry – The aim of the Center of Hope’s Media Ministry is to support the presentation of the Word of God as given to our Senior Pastor, through the use of film, technology and digital and social media. The ministry is called to visually package and enhance the worship experience by filming and streaming worship services, in addition to producing creative programming videos to support the Center of Hope and all of our ministries.

Member Services – The Member Services volunteers assists the needs and requests for information and services that member and guests may have. The volunteer’s primary role is to be the first point of contact to usher visitors and members into a memorable worship experience. This ministry continues to serve Center of Hope wherever they are needed. Members are involved in assisting church members and guest through direct interaction. In addition to providing answers and information and direction.

Ministry Response Team –  The Ministry Response Team (MRT) serves with a global vision to connect and engage with people anywhere outside of the church. MRT volunteers seek to establish a culture of “HOPE” in shelters, nursing homes, juvenile centers, jails, missions, other churches, and to other parts of the world. MRT is a critical link between our Christian faith and carrying the gospel of Christ’s love throughout the world. Fellowship, service, and an open heart to God’s presence are essential in this ministry. As part of the Team, we look to share our fun, loving, family-oriented atmosphere with others as we grow in our relationship with God. For MRT, community is at the center of our pursuit of a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Ultimately, closer to people, closer to God.

New Members Ministry – Volunteers introduce new members to the Center of Hope vision and mission, and educate, embrace and engage new members to find ways to become involved in their areas of strengths and gifts.

Nurses Guild – This ministry provides for the well-being of members during service and provides opportunities for health education in the church body.

Parking to Pew – Where does worship begin at Center of Hope?  Surprisingly, it actually begins in the parking lot.  Each and every Sunday, the Parking Lot Ministry Team, made up of dedicated volunteers, has the distinct opportunity to make a positive impression on our worshippers.  This is the only ministry team that influences every person who drives onto our campus.  To regular attenders or members, they are the first to extend a warm, friendly greeting. To guests, they are a very important first impression of our church.  The Parking to Pew Ministry exists to make Center of Hope a safer, more convenient place for people to fellowship and visit.

Special Events/Wedding Coordination – Are you creative? Do you enjoy planning wedding events? Do you have a keen eye for detail? The Special Events and Wedding Coordination Ministry is just the place for you. We plan all the special events for the Center of Hope, and would love to have you join the team.

Ushers Ministry –Ushers are a faithful team of men, women, and youth dedicated to participating in worship services directing and seating our members and guests. Ushers may distribute literature, collect offerings, and offer directions when needed.

Memorial Services Ushers/Servers – Do you have a flexible schedule? Would you be willing to serve two hours, on a rotational basis, and serve those that are grieving? As an usher, you would be available to accommodate the family needs at the funeral service, help with set-up, hand out memorial folders and help with seating.

Worship Arts/Worship Team – This ministry’s assignment is to collectively worship God, engage our congregants, and effectively minister to those participating in our weekly services. By using various styles, genres, and forms of music (and art), the ministry’s primary goal is to usher our audience into the presence of the Lord. Following the vision and mission of the Sr. Pastor, we are called to lift up the name of Jesus, and to make His praise glorious. During this portion of the worship service, we fix our eyes on Jesus Christ and the work that He’s done, intentionally concentrate and centering all of our attention and affection fully on Him. The purpose of the Worship Team is to lead individuals into the very presence of the Lord.

Telephone Ministry – This ministry partners with the Senior Pastor and Minister of Visitation to follow-up on the members as well as encourage, embrace and care for outside of the four walls of Center of Hope.

Visitor Outreach Ministry – We invite volunteers who have a gift to reach out to our visitors. You will maintain contact through telephone and greeting cards