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Bishop Gregory L. Dixon Scholarship

About the Bishop Gregory L. Dixon Scholarship:


  • The Bishop Gregory L. Dixon Scholarship is a full 4 year scholarship to Azusa Pacific University
  • This scholarship includes room and board and tuition for 4 full years
  • You must apply and be accepted into Azusa Pacific University
  • You represent not only the late Bishop Dixon since it carries his name, but you represent the God that we serve.                                                    
    • You must be a student of high spiritual and moral behavior
    • You must be born again and active in your local church
    • You must be well respected among peers, teachers, and your community

PLEASE NOTE:  If at any time during this process and/or even after receiving the scholarship, there is anything that you would do, say or be seen doing that is inconsistent with the Word of God you will be immediately taken out of the process and/or the scholarship will be given to the next likely candidate.

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