GeneroUS FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


  1. How do I pledge?
  • On Sunday, September 16, 2018, tables will be in the breezeway outside of the sanctuary where you can pledge.
  • You will also be able to go online to under the “Ministries” tab and select “GeneroUS” then fill out the requested information (preferred method).
  1. Can I give online? If so, how?
  • Online giving for the GeneroUS campaign is available at under the “Ministries” tab. You simply need to determine the amount you would like to give and under the drop down in the Push Pay app select “GeneroUS” and follow the instructions for giving.
  1. Do I have to participate in all 3 elements of the campaign (food, monetary and volunteerism)?
  • While we would like for you to participate in all 3 elements of the campaign, we understanding if you are unable to do so. We encourage you to get involved in whatever ways best suit you.
  1. Are there any suggested site for volunteering?
    • We encourage your participation in our OneDay service campaign in the month of November where we all get together and help partner ministries.  More information to come…
    • If you are unable to be a part of OneDay we have partners who would love your assistance in volunteering with their organizations. A separate list of partner ministries will be provided for you at the tables on Sunday and at under the “Ministries” tab at “GeneroUS”.


  1. Will all the monies donated go to partner organizations?
    • Yes! 100% of ALL collected monies will be dispersed to partner organizations. Remember the goal is for us to be a blessing OUTSIDE of our four walls.
  1. Where can I drop off the 9 canned goods?
    • All canned good donations can be dropped off in the bins located on our Inglewood campus Sundays before and after services.
    • During the week you can also drop off your donations, just be sure to report what you have done so that we can give you credit for fulfilling your pledge.
    • If you are unable to let someone know, you may also send an email sharing your name and that you have turned in your 9 canned goods (or any other pledge you made) at
  1. How do I report my volunteer hours?
    • All volunteer hours must be reported on the Volunteer Hours Form which is located online at under the “GeneroUS” tab.
    • Information can be submitted with a pledge update form link (you will be provided with when you pledge), via email at, or at the GeneroUS tables on Sunday mornings.
  1. Can I volunteer for a private party like a neighbor who is a senior citizen and needs cleaning their yard?
    • It is okay to volunteer for a private party, we just ask that you report hours as you would with any organization.
  2. Are there any special giving dates or is there a deadline for the entire campaign?
    • Yes, on Sunday, November 4, and Sunday, November 11, 2018, we are making a special giving push to allow for us to give canned goods collected to that point to the food banks for Thanksgiving as this is a high need time for them.
    • The GeneroUS campaign for 2018 itself will conclude December 9, 2018, so that we can tally all results and distribute all donations prior to Christmas, which is also another high need time.
  3. I have some cans with dents in them, can I give those?
    • Please give your best by ensuring all cans are free of dents or any damage and, have longer expiration periods.
  4. Is there a particular type of canned food I should give?
    • We are not specifically prescribing any particular type, but do ask that donations represent a variety of foods as much as possible.