Life Groups

LIFE GROUPSWe see our Life Groups as settings that allow for individuals, who share a common bond, to get connected in the church, to fellowship, and to build relationships. More than just a Bible study, a life group supports its members, keeps its members accountable, and provides a non threatening environment for its members to dialogue about their spiritual journey and development. We believe that this is a great way to help you grow!

Our vision is to offer a variety of life group options. There can be zip code groups for those who want to attend a life group close to home; office groups for those who want to use their lunch break as a time for fellowship and relational evangelism; also, interest based groups like dog lovers, golfers, discount shoppers and many more. All of the various groups meet weekly on a day and time most convenient for its members. These meetings take place in group members’ homes, apartments, businesses, restaurants, schools…just about anywhere!

More info on locations, dates and times for the life group meetings will be coming soon. Meanwhile you may contact us at mlove@

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